Reflecting at Claydon

Reflecting… That is how we started our journey.
As a school we reflected on our pupils – what type of learners do we want them to be when they leave Claydon Primary School? Resilient. Problem solvers. Risk takers. Independent. Curious. Creative. Collaborative. As a school we did not feel that enough of our pupils demonstrated these traits on a consistent basis. Although, over recent years we had tried numerous initiatives and strategies to develop those skills in our pupils none had yet had the real impact and breakthrough that we were aiming for.
One example of an initiative we had implemented based on encouraging a culture of a growth mindset was ‘Our Learning Powers.’ These were developed with our School Council, each class had them on display (pictured left), staff referred to them and used them. But did our pupils really understand them and why they were so important? No, as we hadn’t spent enough time introducing them to the children, planning opportunities and activities to help develop those specific skills to become better learners.
This is where ReflectED helped us. ReflectED has given us our ‘how’.
How do we develop and support our pupils to be more successful learners? By embedding a culture of reflection through the use of, and principles, of ReflectED.
It has given the whole school the consistent approach that we were so desperately seeking, wrapped up in creative and engaging lessons, whilst also being manageable for our staff. The usual concern whenever implementing anything new in school is how will staff react? Will they buy into it? Will they actually do it? I had no such concerns when introducing this to our staff, and I was proved right, as they could all see the intent behind it – our why and our how. They were excited by it. They could see how it could really impact on our pupils – and it has.
We always knew that it would be a long journey as we were changing the mindset and culture of our school, both staff and pupils, but we are well on the way. However, we needed some new passengers on our journey who were going to be vital to keep moving forward – parents and carers. This was our next step to consider – how do we involve them?
ReflectED has helped us give our pupils a better chance of succeeded in everything that they do, as they are continually developing the skills and tools they need to be successful learners. Which will set them off in the right direction for their own journey, into high school and beyond.
Louis Collins
Claydon Primary School

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