Beech Hill School- Becoming reflective learners

When we first saw the opportunity to join the ReflectED trial, we were keen to find out more. As we already used Seesaw as a learning tool and a parental communication device, it seemed like a perfect way for us to use it for another purpose. At Beech Hill, our children are now becoming more confident and reflective learners and are enjoying learning about how their brains think. They are now showing an ability to be critical of themselves and not to worry about mistakes.

When we first started the trial, the children often stated that they were ‘blue’ straight away. After being asked to show/demonstrate the skill or knowledge, they then realised that they were actually yellow or even red. They are really getting to grips with the fact that it is OK to be yellow now and that they just need to work out where they have gone wrong to start being able to put it right.

The children embrace their errors and use them to help them in their learning journey. In lessons, the children love new learning and don’t worry when they aren’t able to grasp a new concept straight away. When walking into lessons, you will quite often hear children saying “I don’t know how to do it, yet!”. This stems from the new skills lessons, which have gone down really well with the children in all year groups. The tag colours are used regularly and help the children to see where they need to improve or how they have improved throughout the learning sequence.

We are looking forward to the next term of lessons!

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