Celebrating mistakes is something that is key to progression. Giving children the tools to recognise that mistakes are a fundamental part of the learning process contributes to and reinforces a strong growth mindset, as well as encouraging deeper reflections and therefore greater, self-directed progress in learning.

Celebrating mistakes to encourage progression can be done in many ways, but one way I would like to share with you is “Marvellous Mistakes.” When marking work of an evening, a teacher takes a photo of a common mistake and adds this to the lesson for the following day. The children then work together to analyse this, picking apart where someone made a mistake, how they could correct it, and what they could learn from this to help with their learning in today’s lesson.

This has become so well embedded in some classes, that during the first few weeks of celebrating maths mistakes in Term 1, one child stopped one of her peers from sticking over something in their English book. The children had incorrectly started an activity so were going to stick the new sheet in over the top. This child stopped them however, as “it would be sad if they couldn’t celebrate their new learning following a mistake”. What a great growth mindset to have!

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