ReflectED has had a fantastic start to the half term! Pupils are excited and engaged in fun, practical learning linked to new skills. What’s even more amazing is that pupils are confidently stating which performance tag colour reflects their learning! They are assertively describing which colour performance tag they begin the lesson on, which performance tag they end the lesson on and even what their next steps are to get there!  Pupils are thriving when given the opportunity to be a coach and give constructive feedback to their peers. This enables all pupils to structure their sentences using peer to peer language models. According to the EEF’s Sutton Trust Toolkit, the three most cost effective ways of closing the attainment gap is through feedback, peer tutoring and meta-cognitive approaches. The pupils who self-assess as blue (performance tag) are becoming brilliant in articulating themselves during coaching their peers. This is supporting their understanding at a deeper metacognitive level and they are really questioning themselves in ways they had not before. This provides a great foundation for the next topic on growth mindsets. Please feel free to get in touch to share similar stories of pupils becoming coaches!

Sneha Patel

Lead Practitioner – ReflectED

Kingsbury Green Primary School

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