Every expert was once a beginner

The ReflectED team have been glued to Twitter this week, enjoying the wonderful images of your pupils learning a new skill. It’s great to see children so enthusiastic about the project and we know from experience how much fun the lessons can be for both children and teacher alike.

The aim of these lessons is for teachers and children to be able to discuss what it means to learn something without the children (and teachers) already having preconceptions about their ability. Whilst you may have some children who use chopsticks a lot at home or who have had some experience juggling, it is unlikely that there will already be a class mindset of who is ‘good’ at the skill and who ‘can’t do it’, as you are likely to already have with maths and English. When the majority of your class can say “I’m red, I have no idea” about something together and discuss different strategies needed to become green, it gives children the language, confidence and experience to apply that mentality to their curriculum subjects.

We have provided resources to support learning the new skill, but please do not feel restricted by the lesson plans. If you would like to use different resources and and strategies please feel free – providing the reflecting element of the lessons remains the same. This also applies if your children are progressing at the new skill faster than the lesson plans accommodates for.

With this in mind, it has come to our attention that Monday 12th March sees the start of British Sign Language Week which fits in perfectly with the plans for year 3. We have found some wonderful resources available on http://signlanguageweek.org.uk/ if you would like to teach your children some extra signs – they include food, countries, animals and asking questions.

Please keep sharing your experiences with us on Twitter and email @reflect_ED reflected@rosendale.cc

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